an Epic Journey of the Heart

Susan Davis Moora traversed the male-dominated world of high finance in the 1970’s to give birth to the radical method of KINS Innovation Networks that collaboratively create profound sustainable impact.

The Trojan Horse of Love


By Susan Davis Moora

Discover the remarkable true story of one woman’s mission to transform the world of high finance from fear and greed to generosity and love, and how she created over forty “KINS” social investor and environmental innovation networks to raise consciousness on Earth.


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Forward by Hazel Henderson

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Susan Davis is a one-of-a-kind, highly evolved human. A visitor from the future, she is a visioning, pioneering living role model of how we can create the more just and ecologically sustainable future we seek. I have been fortunate to know and learn from Susan for more than a quarter of a century. Susan combines so many qualities as she takes on one new challenge after another: courage, leadership, creativity, caring, meticulousness, effectiveness, intellectual curiosity, trustworthiness and adventurousness…while being fun-loving and deeply attuned to human relationships and Nature! 

So, dear reader, you can see why I curled up and read this book in one sitting! Susan’s life so far provides inspiration to me and her many friends, as a community activist, loving parent, serial entrepreneur, banker, venture capitalist and financial innovator. 

Susan is a founder of the socially responsible investing movement and a co-creator of many for-profit social ventures and non-profit innovation networks. Her networking is visionary and legendary for its many successful outcomes. I have always been astounded by Susan’s energy and boundless self-confidence — even as I understood the deep well of universal consciousness from which she draws her life-force.

If the now-disgraced worlds of Wall Street, banking and global finance are ever to regain the public’s trust, they will need to learn from Susan Davis and follow her example. You will be enthralled to read how Susan joined other pioneering women to take on these “masters of the universe” in their male-dominated world.

We women knew that we would have to enter the world of finance, since its ways were threatening our communities and devastating the planet. Susan was a leader in learning the folkways of finance and in challenging its obsession with greed. John Maynard Keynes had forewarned us of this, while pointing out its arrogance in assuming that mathematical models, such as Value-at-Risk (VaR), Capital Asset Pricing (CAPM) and Modern (sic!) Portfolio Theory (MPT) could “manage” risk. 

Susan led the quiet charge in quantifying new asset evaluation and upholding the full range of human values beyond money: fairness, transparency, trust, reciprocity, community, and volunteering in what I have called “the Love Economy,” as well as the priceless resources of Earth’s living biosphere which supports human life. To do so, Susan attracted thousands of finance leaders as her kindred spirits to create the “KINS Innovation Networks” she describes in this book. 

Susan held all these values close to her heart as she stormed the citadels of finance. Now, for the first time in a book, Susan reveals her spiritual path as a Trojan Horse of Love. She describes how our path of joy is to trust our intuition to take risks around our values to find our destiny paths, our special purpose.

Enjoy! — Hazel Henderson




“It has been one of my life’s blessings to meet Susan Davis and be part of three of her circles: The Solar Circle, Solaria, and the Tipping Point Network. What a privilege it has been for me to sit with the visionaries that Susan has found and dream up strategies to help the world go towards sustainability in this time of great transition. I was inspired to invite Susan and all the Tipping Point Network members to join my Flow Fund Circle in order to practice generosity in the world for three years. I knew that each member of TPN was the most generous and creative in their field so this collaboration would be “a good deal for all”!   Susan herself took this funding to Vilcabamba, Ecuador, where she used her KINS Innovation Networks strategy to identify, over a six-month period, local servant leaders, whose pro bono job it would be to discern and fund the needs of the community. This has become a model global eco-village project.’’

Marion Rockefeller Weber
Founding Member of Solar Circle, Tipping Point Network, & Solaria Investors Circle

“Susan Davis is a force of nature. Her KINS principles for organizing innovation networks bring together the right people for the right reason at the right time to create seismic shifts in the economy. Take her work to gain traction for social investing in the institutional investor sector for example. First she created the “Making a Profit while Making a Difference” conference to bring 600 leaders together to learn, with their peers, about how they could invest to make a difference. Then she created the “Triple Bottom Line Simulation” which allowed institutional investors to create virtual social investing portfolios of $100 million invested across all asset classes in social investments – so they could see how powerful and competitive social investing can be. The seeds she planted are bearing beautiful flowers and fruit today – with so many products now designed for institutional investors.”

Alisa Gravitz
Executive Director, Green America
Founding Member of Solar Circle, Tipping Point Network, & Kindred Spirits Network
Former Board Member, Social Venture Network

“The chemistry of the Solar Circle members was felt immediately and overwhelmingly. We all got chills of excitement as we went around the group in the first meeting, each telling our stories and realizing as we listened to one after another that Susan had assembled the true leaders of solar energy in America, and we were deeply honored to meet and now know each other. Within hours, we became a bonded force of mutual admiration, trust and hope, colleagues and close friends for life, dedicated to the common cause of making solar energy successful in the world. Solar Circle became a happy and contented place for all of us, where we would meet twice a year with our most respected peers, plotting how we would change the world. Then we have gone out and done it.”

Mike Eckhart
Founder, SolarBank Initiative
President, American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE)
Solar Circle Founding Member
Managing Director and Global Head of Environmental Finance & Sustainability, Citigroup

“I met Susan early on in Social Venture Network history. She was still at Chicago’s Harris Bank in the private wealth management area then but the moment she heard about SVN, it was like a new world opened for her. Wayne Silby and I had already gathered an eclectic group of company owners and social visionaries ranging from formerly Jewish Zen Masters to ice cream guys like Ben and Jerry and green toilet paper purveyors like Jeff Hollender. We very quickly became a community which was fiercely committed to business being a force for social change. Having already worked with investors, Susan had a particular interest in putting together a network of investors that evolved into the Investors’ Circle. So while the SVN world was still in its first years, we were already partnering with Susan in the creation of new circles. We have built a world of circles now and may we always build together! Susan, may you continue to cherish possibility as you have done throughout your wondrous life!”


Josh Mailman
Managing Partner, Serious Change Investments
Co-Founder, Social Venture Network

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