Manifesting a Thriving Planet Collaboratively

"Our Strategy is Generosity"

Now is the time and we are the people

Are you dedicated to social, economic, and environmental sustainability?

Would you like to contribute to a global shift of consciousness?

If so, you are one of our “kindred spirits,” and you’ve come to the right place!

KINSHIP Earth connects & supports:

  • Sustainability experts
  • Social venture capitalists
  • Visionary philanthropists
  • Environmental advocates
  • Global change-makers
  • Wellness practitioners
  • Heart-centered leaders
  • Holistic educators
  • Peacemakers & policy makers
  • Conscious entrepreneurs
  • Indigenous elders
  • Progressive legislators
  • Individual contributors
  • Cultural creatives (artists, storytellers, filmmakers)
  • World systems innovators

to collaborate on sustainable initiatives to create a profound and lasting impact for a thriving planet.

KINS Innovation Networks are self-organizing networks of key, collaborative, high-integrity leaders in widely diverse fields who come together by invitation to achieve inspiring innovations while enjoying their kindred spirits. These networks leverage existing conscious sustainability initiatives with powerful new ones to manifest innovations faster, cheaper, with higher impact and with more fun. Learn more about our mission and meet our team here.

Co-creating in networks of "kindred spirits"

In Harmony with the Wisdom of the Heart

For more than 40 years, our founder, Susan Davis Moora, has led more than 40 networks of conscious leaders with her proven “Key Innovator Network Strategy,” also known as the KINS method, which recognizes that we are all one.

KINS networks practice “heart-mind” collaboration to achieve the most daunting of global sustainability goals using a whole-systems approach.

By activating the wisdom of the heart and using the principles of group coherence, our KINS groups continue to make sustainable, lasting impact.


The KINS method is a unique approach to addressing social change based on our KINS Operating Principles:

  • Our strategy is generosity.
  • A deal is a good deal when it is good for all concerned, especially Earth.
  • Everyone does what we love to do and do well without charge…and little else.
  • We sit at the table of unknowing and invite the Universe to co-create with us for the highest good for all concerned.
  • When someone gets upset, we go within to ask what within us is asking to be healed… and later we bring the story of that healing back to the group to enrich the field.
  • Everyone gets equal time at the “mic” and we return each other’s calls and emails promptly.
  • All information is available to all members all the time.

Working together for global sustainability

People collaborating on their life destiny path…

…working in harmony with Nature’s principles…

…co-creating a future that nourishes all life.

Founded by "The Godmother of Social Investing"

Meet our Founder, Susan Davis Moora


Author of “The Trojan Horse of Love,”  Susan’s life mission has been to transform the world of finance from fear and greed to generosity and love.

Since the early 1970’s when she was working in the male-dominated world of high finance, Susan recognized the need for a major shift in consciousness around our economic systems.

 “The traditional way of doing business shuts down collaboration, inhibits people from living and working from a place of love, and is destroying the planet.

The KINSHIP Earth method encourages collaboration in service to a higher good, which emerges when one connects with highly committed stakeholders in total surrender to a shared outcome. From that place, abundance flows.” – Susan Davis Moora

Learn more about Susan’s remarkable vision and get a free copy of her eBook here.


We Welcome You to KINSHIP Earth

Join us in Seeding a Regenerative Renaissance

KINSHIP EARTH helps visionary leaders and inspired activists manifest a globally conscious economy good for all Earth.

We support SEEDS Regenerative Currency and the vision of the Regenerative Renaissance.

Seeds is a currency that aligns money with value. We value people, planet and prosperity for all. Click the Join SEEDS button and you’ll get five Seeds from KINSHIP Earth as your gift to get started!


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