KINS Partnerships

We continue to support KINS Alumni and related networks as they make valuable contributions toward manifesting a thriving planet collaboratively. 

KINSHIP Earth, through its 40 different networks set up over the past 40 years, is evolving to protect Mother Earth, empower our associates in their work, and facilitate the further development of a world that works for all life.

Our KINS alumni are now scattered throughout the world playing key roles in the expanding ripples of human expansion, creativity, and awareness as humanity moves through the chaos of change into a time of arising consciousness and wisdom.

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Through this work, we create collaborative relationships with organizations that are focused on sustainable, thrivable, equitable, and regenerative new solutions to the profound economic, social, and environmental issues that comprise the global challenges of our times.

The information below will provide you with access to some of our key associates in our ongoing quest to make a better world.


KINS Alumni & Alliance Partner Programs

SEEDS Regenerative Currency

SEEDS isn’t just a better way to pay. It’s a solution to the greatest crises of our time. It’s a digital currency and financial system like we’ve never had access to before. One that serves, rewards and finances the people and organizations committed to creating a healthier and more equitable planet.

Crafted from systems that reflect the latest in financial, social and political innovation, SEEDS is the web that connects and nurtures a globally regenerative culture.


Green America: Center for Sustainability Solutions

The Green America Center for Sustainability Solutions draws from a range of disciplines, methodologies, and advanced group facilitation approaches to help the leaders in our Innovation Networks design meaningful breakthroughs. Our goal is to shift whole industries and sectors toward social, environmental, and economic sustainability.

Green America employs the KINS Innovation Network methodology with more than 30 years of experience in leading collaborative innovation in sustainability. Their portfolio includes clean electronics, climate and soil health, regenerative agriculture, climate safe lending, soil carbon index, and the Solar Circle. 

The Global Transformation Corps

Global Transformation Corps (GTC) is a division of Legacy International with the mission of empowering sustainable initiatives globally in business and social sectors. GTC mobilizes values based, next generation (NextGen) emerging leaders (20-35 years) providing the skill set and support necessary to build resilient businesses and socially impactful ventures.

The Fountain

The work of the Fountain is to help visualize a global economic system truly aligned with care for the earth and the whole of life for the benefit of current and future generations, guided by the ancestral wisdom and technologies of cultures that have lived this way for the larger course of human history.

Philanthropy 4 Life Initiative

The KINS-inspired Philanthropy4Life Initiative is an emerging innovation network of thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and change makers inviting conscious humans everywhere to breathe new life into our philanthropy, profit sharing, and investments. Our mission is to activate a global giving spiral of life affirming capital flows to finance whole system breakthrough initiatives with a New Source Code for Human Enterprise built inside and out.

Our book, Imagining Philanthropy for Life – A Whole System Strategy to Transform Finance and Grow True Wealth invites all of us to spread the word, build awareness, and catalyze deep transformation of self and society. Can we unlock a secure, prosperous, peaceful and sustainable future world reset to a compass course pointing to our ‘True North’? Can we become a ‘Force for Good’? Yes, a huge shift is afoot in the world of philanthropy, charitable giving, and investing. Our individual and collective intention-driven actions are critical, and everyone has an important role to play.

WeWorld Network

WEWorld Network is a global community of joyful, abundance-minded entrepreneurs, living, giving and receiving generously, working collaboratively, sharing wisdom and knowledge openly for the highest good for all (self, others and our planet).

Our vision is to create world peace through business, while celebrating feminine heart and soul. At its core, WEWorld Network encourages women entrepreneurs to express their purpose, joy and love in the work they do while being who they are innately within a safe and trusted space. Here, all women entrepreneurs, whether they are veterans or just starting out, can be valued, connected, inspired and empowered.


World Systems Solutions 

WSS is an International Collaboration Platform, Culture and Solutions Generation Engine for Healthy Global Transformation. WSS is a globally re-organizing, developmentally facilitative and consciousness transforming process and set of strategies for restructuring our global support infrastructure and an apolitical, globally inclusive, uniting, aligning, empowering and integrating social movement.

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