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KINSHIP Earth is a US-based non-profit co-founded by Stephen Gomes, Ph.D., Walter Moora, and Susan Davis Moora. Susan and Walter are the owners of Finca Sagrada, the Sacred Land Farm, where they have established a multicultural learning program operated by KINSHIP Earth. 


Welcome to Sacred Land Farm, "Finca Sagrada," A Living Model of Biodynamic and Indigenous Sustainability

Modern culture and consciousness have moved far away from the ancient Indigenous spiritual understanding of our inherent connection to Nature, resulting in the disconnect between today’s systems and the Natural world.
Our connection with the food we eat, the health of Earth’s natural systems, and the relationship we have to ourselves and communities has been compromised, if not forgotten. This is causing immense challenges for today’s world and that of future generations. 

We are, right now, at a remarkable transition point where we have an opportunity to make impactful change — together. KINSHIP Earth’s student programs, volunteer programs, and SEEDS regenerative economy programs provide rich opportunities for you to discover how to live more sustainably with the Earth, and teach these principles to others. Our mission is to manifest a thriving planet. 


Walter Moora and Susan Davis Moora have been manifesting a living model of sustainability in a lush valley in Central America since the early 2000’s.

After living in the United States, serendipity led them to Vilcabamba, Ecuador where they purchased their farm and learned the land was recognized as an ancient sacred site by the world-renowned Kogi Indigenous tribal elders. 

Susan and Walter met with the Kogi elders, and together they erected a traditional Kogi “Spirit House” (also known as the House of Original Thought) on the farm they named “Finca Sagrada.”

The Spirit House is a place to hold sacred ceremony and honor the land. Susan and Walter were instructed by the Kogi elders to keep an eternal flame burning, which they lovingly tend to daily. 

Finca Sagrada is a thriving, self-sustaining biodynamic farm. They grow local vegetables like yucca, zanahoria blanca, as well as tomatoes, lettuce, beets, carrots, cabbage, chia seeds, flax seeds, peanuts, avocados, papayas, bananas, passion fruits, mandarinas, oranges, lemons and coffee. They also milk cows, have chickens for eggs, and tend beehives for delicious honey.


Walter and Susan have built KINS networks of trusted support for both local Ecuadorians and foreigners using the KINS method. They are well recognized as heart-centered leaders in their community and honored for their generous contributions to the health of the bioregion. 

In this 3 minute video, you’ll meet Susan and Walter and learn more about their center at Finca Sagrada. 

Walter is a steward of the land and has been a biodynamic farmer for more than 40 years. Susan is a steward of the people who come to the farm, helping them to find their life’s destiny path. 


What is Biodynamic Farming? 

Get a tour of Finca Sagrada from Kai, one of our Volunteers. Experience the sunrise ceremony, learn about the sacred land farm, and see what a harmonious living model of sustainability looks like! 

In this 30-minute video, you’ll learn about 

  • how they built their house using sustainable permaculture,
  • the fertility of the region and what they grow on the farm,
  • the principles of biodynamic farming,
  • how to create a food forest, 
  • how Finca Sagrada was recognized by the Kogi as a sacred site,
  • how you can raise consciousness on Earth that we are all one,
  • how a KINS Network can help you change consciousness.

 Special thanks to Kai for producing this video for all to see!


Connect with Community, Self, and Nature

Learn and Explore

We offer a variety of programs (currently ON HOLD due to COVID) which include field training, classroom instruction, and site visits in the following three ecologies

Indigenous Wisdom: Immersion within the Amazanga community with an introduction to ancestral lifestyle and embodied philosophy
Permaculture Design: Integrated system of ecological and environmental design
Biodynamic Agriculture: Organic farming, integrating scientific understanding with celestial/spiritual forces of Nature


We welcome volunteers who are interested in learning about community living, biodynamics, permaculture and indigenous farming methods. 

Contact us to learn more about our Volunteer programs and residency options. 

Stay as a Visitor

Depending on availability we have housing where visitors can live independently, yet enjoy all our facilities and join in community events.

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