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Discover why the KINS approach has proven to outperform traditional methods of innovation.

The 4 Pillars of Success: Purpose, Principles, People and Possibilities

KINS Innovation Networks are self-organizing networks of key, collaborative, high-integrity leaders in widely diverse fields who come together by invitation to achieve inspiring innovations while collaborating with their kindred spirits on their life destiny path. 

The KINS method is based on a specific blend of four primary elements: PURPOSE, PRINCIPLES, PEOPLE, and POSSIBILITIES. KINS networks connect wildly impassioned, heart-based leaders who are completely dedicated to missions of powerful, innovative social change. 

With over 40 years of refinement, the KINS method is designed specifically to foster a harmonious, coherent energy field among members which builds trust, unleashes creativity, and enhances conscious collaboration.


KINS members recognize that we are “kindred spirits,” connected with all life on Earth, working in cooperation, not competition.


The KINS Operating Principles serve as our guiding agreement and the core foundation from which our shared energies flow.


We come together in a KINS Network to collaborate on daunting missions that support each member as well as all life on Earth.

The KINS Operating Principles

  • Our strategy is generosity.
  • A deal is a good deal when it is good for all concerned, especially Earth.
  • Everyone does what we love to do and do well freely…and little else.
  • We sit at the table of unknowing and invite the Universe to co-create with us for the highest good for all concerned.
  • When someone gets upset, we go within to ask what within us is asking to be healed… and later we bring the story of that healing back to the group to enrich the field.
  • Everyone gets equal time at the microphone and we return each other’s calls and emails promptly.
  • All information is available to all members all the time.


KINS takes a “Whole Systems” Approach

KINS networks use a “whole systems design” model for sustainability which:

  • Works like nature works;
  • Organizes around constituencies;
  • Holds a strategy of generosity;
  • Creates an optimal energy field;
  • Uses a simple creation process;
  • Practices core operating principles to create a unique, efficient culture;
  • Creates breakthrough solutions; 
  • Gets results cheaply, quickly, with higher impact and more fun.

Traditional Criteria for KINS Membership


The most effective KINS groups select members who:

  • Have high credibility in their field
  • Give back the most in their field
  • Have a reputation for integrity
  • Have advanced collaboration skills
  • Have some kind of heartfelt spiritual practice and believe that we are all one
  • Are passionate about the network’s mission
We also recommend maintaining diversity in culture, background, and gender representation. 

Start Your Own KINS Network with our
Step-By-Step Guidebook

Now you (and/or your organization) can create your own KINS Network to help you manifest your mission, vision, and life destiny path through conscious cooperation, collaboration, and camaraderie.

We’ve made it easy for you with the KINS Network Step-By-Step Guidebook. 

Discover the art, science, and methods to create your own KINS Network, featuring:

    • What is a KINS Network and what’s in it for you?
    • Best practices for getting started
    • The essential qualities of KINS Members
    • How to form your mission statement
    • Personalizing your group
    • KINS Operating Principles
    • Sample formats, worksheets and guides for members and leaders

This comprehensive Guidebook gives you and your members everything you need to create your own KINS Network.  

Get this Guidebook as our gift with your tax-deductible donation of $25 or more, which supports the ongoing work of KINSHIP Earth.

We also offer KINS Method Consulting to help your group or organization apply the KINS methodology for greater success. Contact us to learn more. 


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