Remarkable Friends of KINS

The Remarkable Friends of KINS are a select group of specially-chosen past KINS members who embody the KINS qualities of generosity, creativity, integrity, collaboration, and servant leadership in sustainability innovation. We honor and thank these servant leaders for their contributions in spreading KINS throughout the world.

Special Mention for early financial support to Capital Missions Company which birthed most of the KINS networks.

Diana Beliard

Marion Rockefeller Weber

Virginia Rogers (deceased)

Remarkable Friends of KINS Funders

Katherine Collins, Author, The Nature of Investing, Honeybee Capital

Michael T. Eckhart, Managing Director, Global Head of Environmental Finance, Citi Corporate and Investment Banking

Mark Finser, Board Chair, RSF Social Finance, Board Chair, New Resources Bank

Alisa Gravitz, President, Green America

Christie Hefner, Executive Chairman, Canyon Ranch Enterprises
Director, Centre for American Progress Action

Hazel Henderson, President, Ethical Markets Media
Founder, EthicMark Awards for Advertising and Green Transition Scoreboard

Jyoti Ma, Spiritual Director, Center for Sacred Studies and The Fountain

Alice Tepper Marlin, President, Social Accountability International
Author, Shopping for a Better World

Alison A. Winter, CEO, Braintree Holdings LLC

Nancy Brown

Henry and Glenda Corning

Leslie Danziger

Gordon Davidson and Corinne McLaughlin
President and Director, Center for Visionary Leadership
Fellow, World Business Academy

Penny Kelly
Founder, Lily Hill Farm
Author, Robes and Consciousness and Energy, Vol. 1 and 2

Sharon Joy Kleitsch
Founding Partner, The Connection Partners, Inc.

Ari and Jean-Claude Koven, Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Steven Lovink – Planet2025 Network – One People, One Planet, One Future, Power of One – Become the Change, Transform the World, Institute for Environmental Security

Christopher Mann (deceased), Co-Founder, Michael Fields Agricultural Institute

Jane Mauer, President, Tartan Investment Company

Teresa McGlashan, Paths to Well-Being

Suzanne Morgan, Founder, Sacred Spaces International

Karen Page, Two-time James Beard Book Award winner
Author of The Vegetarian Flavor Bible

Janice Rous, Founder, Body Dialogues

Beverly Jacobson Schler and David Schler
Producing Partner and Creative Director, Shared Visions Films

Steve Schueth and George Gay
President and Chief Executive Officer, First Affirmative Financial Network
Host and Producer, The SRI Conference

Martine Sweeney, Multi-dimensional entrepreneur

Terre d’Anges

Judy Thornber
President, Thorndev Corporation

Stuart Valentine
President, Centerpoint Investment Strategies

Mark Alan Epstein
President, Flow Trading

Dale Rodrigues
Founding Director, CEO and President, Mary’s Gone Crackers

Mary Waldner
Founder and Chair, Mary’s Gone Crackers

G. Benjamin Bingham
Founder and CEO
3Sisters Sustainable Management, LLC

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