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The power of KINS networks to manifest sustainable solutions has been proven by 40+ networks over the last 40+ years.

"The Godmother of Social Investing"

With a background in high finance, Susan was a key influencer in the creation of the social investment industry. She was guided by her visionary principles of generosity, reciprocity, and conscious collaboration to cocreate a future that works for the highest good of all Earth. She manifested the “Triple Bottom Line Simulation” which proved that the best investments are social ventures that prioritize people, planet and profits.


Meet Susan Davis Moora

In the late 1970’s, Susan was an influential leader in the male dominated world of high finance when she gathered twelve female leaders in a variety of fields to co-create “The Chicago Network,” the very first “KINS” group which still thrives today. 

Leading with heart-based principles, Susan has served as the founding organizer for one major KINS after another to total more than 40 networks in the United States, Nigeria, and Ecuador over a span of 45 years.  Many KINS Networks were created through her Capital Missions Company (CMC – 1990 TO 2002), which she then gifted to the non-profit Green America to gift to the world. 


Today, Susan continues to provide her visionary inspiration and guidance for groups of high integrity leaders to collaborate on breakthrough technologies, whole systems transformation, and sustainable economic impact using her proven “KINS Innovation Networks” methodology. In particular, she is manifesting groups of 12 who help each other manifest their life destiny paths for the good of all Earth.

In her own words…


My life story has been a joyous journey to answer the following two questions:

  1. What do we want at the most beautiful and profound level of life for the world we live in?
  2. How can we transform our global economy to get us there?
Here’s what I’ve discovered…

The traditional way of doing business turns every insight/opportunity into something proprietary and monetized. That shuts down collaboration and inhibits people from living and working from a place of love. It is literally destroying the planet and our vitality. 


Seeing this motivated me to develop the KINS network-building method to help key innovators manifest positive social change in the world. The word “KINS” reminds us that we are all one. Together, our KINS Networks are transforming the global economy from greed and fear to love and joy.

We’ve learned that what really works is to turn over all insights and opportunities in service to a “higher good,” which can only be discerned when one meets with all concerned stakeholders in total surrender to a shared outcome. From that place, abundance flows. 


My path to this discovery has traversed the worlds of education, non-profits, women’s empowerment, Indigenous empowerment, large companies, and most importantly, “high finance,” all manifested in serendipity. These paths brought me success:

  1. Graduated Brown University (cum laude) in 1963
  2. At Harvard University’s Center for Studies in Education & Development, I assisted professors working in Third World projects and wrote finance and business summaries for Harvard Business School’s magazine, “The Executive.”  
  3. After a year launching Boston’s successful Black newspaper (now The Boston Banner,) I joined John Naisbitt’s Urban Research Corporation. There I created successful national newsletters called “The Spokeswoman” and “Minority Enterprise,” while working as a Vice President and Board Member. I later spun off The Spokeswoman and started my own company as its publisher. 
  4. As Vice President at Chicago’s South Shore Bank, we created national legislation to manifest the “Neighborhood Development Bank” industry. For 10 years, I attracted affluent Americans from all over the country to bank there to fund our restoration of the South Shore Community. 
  5. As Vice President of the Personal Trust Group at Chicago’s Harris Bank, I worked with our wealthiest families in the trust department to empower wealthy women to understand how the bank was managing their money.
  6. I served as the first woman on the founding board of Social Venture Network (SVN), which gave birth to the social investment industry. This inspired my next career. 
  7. I founded Capital Missions Company in 1990 to develop one KINS Innovation Network after another to transform the world of finance from fear and greed to love and joy.  With Investors’ Circle, I launched the social venture capital industry, then the social investment industry, then the Capital Circle for women investors, the Solar Circle, and many more. They were all successful, including those that fulfilled their missions and decided to close. 
  8. Flow Funding in Vilcabamba, Ecuador – When I was 59, I moved to a tiny village in Ecuador, Vilcabamba, where we bought a farm. Marion Rockefeller Weber, a member of three of my networks and a major contributor to the KINS design, gave me a grant to become a “Flow Funder” in Ecuador. I spent 6 months identifying the right group of 12 foreigners and Ecuadorians to form a KINS group to create the most benefit to our village of Vilcabamba, working collaboratively. From a $60,000 initial grant, we were able to donate more than $1 million in measurable value to our village. Contrast that with the typical design for donations in small villages around the world, where only a trickle gets to the village. This is yet another example of the innovative power of KINS. 
  9. KINSHIP Earth – Co-Founder, President and Chief Inspiration Officer, where my greatest passion is collaborating with my kindred spirits as we help one another fulfill our life destiny path of joy. You’ll find more information for creating your own life destiny path collaboratively here.

Now it’s time to share the KINS method with the world.

The success of the KINS method is built on a select blend of people, principles, and purpose (see “How We Work”). We are wildly impassioned networks of heart-based leaders completely dedicated to missions of powerful, innovative social change. 

In just one network for social investors, we channeled $152.8M into 250 socially responsible companies. From 1990 to today we’ve generated $4B in follow-on capital.

Would you like to help us share the KINS methodology with the next generation of heart-based leaders? Our mission is to help champion networks of innovators who are ushering in the era of conscious collaboration for a regenerative society. I invite you to join us!

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The Trojan Horse of Love

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