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Discover how to apply the proven KINS methodology to build your own innovation network to manifest sustainable change with joy!


KINSHIP = Key Innovator Networks Seeding Humanity’s Infinite Potential

KINS Innovation Networks are self-organizing networks of key, collaborative, high-integrity leaders in widely diverse fields who come together by invitation to achieve inspiring innovations by collaborating with their kindred spirits.

The success of the KINS method is built on a specific blend of people, principles, and purpose. 

  • People: We recognize that we are all connected as “kindred spirits,” who are connected to and part of all life on Earth. 
  • Principles: The KINS Operating Principles serve as our guiding agreement and the core foundation from which all energies flow.
  • Purpose: We are wildly impassioned networks of heart-based leaders completely dedicated to missions of powerful, innovative social change.

KINS Network Step-By-Step Guidebook

KINSHIP Earth is planting seeds for new groups of KINS networks to form organically and spread globally with joy. Our 40+ KINS Networks have already made profound impacts including

  • transforming industries,
  • greening the global economy,
  • financially empowering women and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous & People of Color),
  • creating local living economies,
  • making solar happen for the world,
  • and fulfilling personal legacies of love.

Now you (and/or your organization) can create your own KINS Network to help you manifest your mission, vision, and life destiny path through conscious cooperation, collaboration, and camaraderie.

We’ve made it easy for you with the KINS Network Step-By-Step Guidebook. 

With this comprehensive guide, you’ll get:

  • Best practices for getting started
  • The essential qualities of KINS Members
  • How to form your mission statement
  • The KINS Operating Principles
  • How to work with “whole systems design”
  • Sample formats, worksheets and guides for leaders

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