What does it mean to be a philanthropist today? The esteemed philanthropist Marion Rockefeller Weber is calling on us all to become catalysts of change – as individuals, small groups, and grassroots organizations. Now is the time, and we are the people. 

The Future of Philanthropy

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By Marion Rockefeller Weber

As the degradation of this Earth continues, ‘catalyst philanthropists’ will realize that they need to empower the Earth’s visionaries and initiators to be philanthropists. They will realize that they must quickly increase the number of catalyst philanthropists in the world. 

The large foundations will begin to decrease as the number of walking philanthropists increase. Rather than responding to elaborately crafted grant proposals, the new form of philanthropy will flow from the knowledge and experience that nurture intuition. Grassroots needs all over the world will be seen and watered by this huge explosion of philanthropists. Gifts will constantly move and trust and generosity will flower beautifully.

Soon these newly empowered visionary philanthropists will begin to be magnetized together into different groups. Some of these groups will become “pounce teams” where philanthropists of great diversity will come together to alleviate pain, pollution, and emergencies.

Other groups of new philanthropists will be drawn together to bring about tipping points and the emergence of needed initiatives.

The isolation of philanthropists that existed in the past one hundred years will be no more. To be a philanthropist will be common and seen as just one form of extending generosity. At least one half of the world’s population will begin to see with the eyes of the catalyst philanthropist. A great healing instead of hoarding of money will begin to happen.

Philanthropy will become relationship-based instead of paper-based. There will be no need to finance offices. There will be no overhead. There will be no need for people to write proposals because all the philanthropists will be constantly initiating help where it is needed. Former philanthropists will be seen as visionaries. Visionaries and healers will be seen as philanthropists. In fact a new world will emerge which combines these qualities all together.

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