What is KINSHIP Earth?

We empower heart-centered leaders using the proven KINS methodology for social change. Our founders live and work on a biodynamic farm named “Finca Sagrada” (Sacred Land Farm) in Vilcabamba, Ecuador, in a living model of harmony and sustainability with Earth. 

Our Mission

KINSHIP Earth is a non-profit in service to the KINS method of high performance and values-driven action networks. 

Our mission is to share the KINS methodology with the next generation of heart-based leaders as we champion the networks of innovators who are ushering in the era of conscious collaboration for a regenerative society.

We take a “whole systems” approach to transformation. Our networks connect key innovators from a variety of sectors to accomplish daunting missions, including:

  • Greening the global economy
  • Financially empowering women and BIPOC populations
  • Creating local living economies
  • Members helping each other manifest their life destiny paths of generosity
Our members are self-organizing groups of high-integrity individuals in widely diverse fields who consciously collaborate on manifesting sustainability innovations that benefit all life on Earth. So far, we have created more than 40 networks in 40 years. 
Would you like to start your own KINS Network or plug into an existing one?

Meet Our Founders & Board of Directors

Walter Moora
Stephen L. Gomes
Susan Davis Moora, Founder & President

Susan’s visionary leadership has earned her the recognition as “The Godmother of Social Investing.” She has championed over 40 networks with her proven KINS network methodology for innovation. Learn about her story here, and get her book, “A Trojan Horse of Love,” here.

Walter Moora, Co-Founder & Center Director 

Walter is a certified Biodynamic Farmer with over 40 years of experience. He leads educational programs on the essentials of living in harmony with Earth at Finca Sagrada (Sacred Land Farm) in Vilcabamba Ecuador. His book, “A Farmer’s Love,” is available here.

Stephen L. Gomes, Co-Founder and Chair, Board of Directors

With over 40 years of international business consulting, Stephen is a Co-Founder and Senior Director at Global Transformation Corps, as well as President of Corporate Governance at Microstrada Research LLC, and Founder and President at Gomes and Company.

Meet Our Team

Lauren Archer, Executive Director

Lauren is a Mindfulness Trainer, Hypnotherapist and HeartMath Coach whose mission is to elevate consciousness for a harmonious world.

As a trained group facilitator with over 30 years of experience leading consciousness raising groups, she mindfully holds space for individuals and groups to experience deep and profound personal transformation. 

With a background in project management and corporate communications and start-up leadership, Lauren was instrumental in the design and development of the KINSHIP Earth website, and assisted Susan in the development of the KINS Step-By-Step Guidebook.

George Orbelian, Advisory Committee Chair

George Orbelian is a Principal in Orbelian Holdings, L.P., a San Francisco-based firm multi-family real estate company. He remains active in citizen diplomacy in which his late father, Harry Orbelian, was a community leader. George is co-founder of Ojingo Labs, Inc., a company creating social / mobile / web technology. George was appointed to the San Francisco Mayor’s Ocean Beach Task Force, served as a member of the Board of the Farallones Marine Sanctuary Association, is an advisor to San Francisco State University School of International Business and works closely with San Francisco Department of Building Inspection’s Community Action Plan for Seismic Safety (CAPPS) and Earthquake Safety Implementation Program (ESIP) programs.

A Bit of History

KINSHIP Earth is the culmination of the life’s work of Susan Davis Moora, the “Godmother of Social Investing,” whose KINS method of networking with groups of heart-centered innovators has more than 40 years of proven success achieving maximum impact with minimum expenditure to raise consciousness and to influence social justice and environmental sustainability.

In 2001, Susan married Walter Moora, a biodynamic farmer, and they have been weaving their work together ever since, hosting networks for social investors, philanthropists, and innovators to better steward the Earth.

They moved to Vilcabamba, Ecuador in 2007, where they purchased a farm they named “Finca Sagrada,” which means Sacred Land Farm, where they host gatherings and ceremonies with Indigenous leaders, local villagers, and foreign experts. They have a robust volunteer program for eco-travelers and aspiring organic farmers. Walter leads workshops on the importance of nutrition in the food we eat using biodynamics, and how to treat the Earth with respect and love. 

Stephen Gomes has been working with Susan since 1988 when they met at a social venture investment session in Boston. Later they traveled together to Crestone, CO, to meet with Maurice Strong (Convener of the Earth Summit in Rio in 1980) and his wife Hanne, Founders of the Manitou Foundation in Crestone. With the help of J.E. Rash and Ira Kaufman at the Legacy International Nonprofit in Bedford, VA, Stephen co-founded the Global Transformation Corps to address the immediate training needs for entrepreneurs focused on sustainable and regeneration economics.

When the time came to form the KINSHIP Earth Non-Profit, Stephen introduced Lauren Archer to Susan and Walter to help carry their message forward and preserve Susan’s lifelong legacy.

While Susan and Walter are focusing on the Finca Sagrada Center in Vilcabamba, KINSHIP Earth is carrying on Susan’s legacy, rekindling her KINS Innovation Networks, and empowering new KINS leaders to use her proven method for global systems change. 

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